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Artists in Swellendam: Alida diTekenar

Posted on Wed March 21, 2018.

We’re continuing our quest to unveil some more of the talented artists in Swellendam. This time we shed light on Alida diTekenar. Directly translated, diTekenar means ‘The Drawer’ but really Alida diTekenar is a multi-talented illustrator, painter and creative.

Having always loved drawing (she even recalls drawing in her mother’s hymn book), Alida yearned to pursue a career in animation. She had to opt for a graphic design course after school instead though, seeing as there were no animation schools or courses in South Africa in 1997. Luckily after successfully completing her first year of study in graphic design, an animation course was introduced at the City Varsity Film School. Alida applied and of course, was accepted, making her one of the first fifteen students to enrol in an animation course in South Africa.

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Artists in Swellendam: Andrew James Hofmeyr

Posted on Wed February 21, 2018.

We are shedding light on artists in Swellendam this month. While Swellendam is best known for its architecture, agriculture and adventure activities, it is also home to a handful of immensely talented artists.

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Sijnn Wines: One of the most pioneering Wine Estates near Swellendam

Posted on Thu March 2, 2017.

Would you believe that the Overberg is home to one of the most pioneering Wine Estates near Swellendam, Sijnn Wines is making headlines and breathing new life into the South African wine industry with rare and interesting cultivars. So with grape harvest in the Western Cape in full swing we thought it appropriate to share (and brag a bit about) this pioneering Wine Estate near Swellendam.

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Eureka Mills Stoneground Flour – An Ethical Food Overberg Story

Posted on Tue December 6, 2016.

At Schoone Oordt Country House, we are passionate about ethical food and especially ethical food that we are able to source in the Overberg. We are passionate about the food that we make, but also the ingredients that we use to make that food. With harvest time in the beautiful Overberg coming to an end we thought we’d share the passion we have for our stone ground flour supplier, Eureka Mills. Yes, Eureka Mills is as passionate about their ethical food as we are and what a wonderfully long way they’ve come to the success that they are today.

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Why we love Country Weddings in Swellendam

Posted on Sun November 1, 2015.

We love country weddings, especially ones in Swellendam. Country weddings are like small private festivals. Families and friends come from far and wide to spend, not just a few hours, but a whole weekend celebrating beauty, togetherness and the future. Making for a wonderful sense of community and reunion as loved ones create a warm circle of happiness around the bride and groom.

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