Hiking and MTB in Grootvadersbosch

Posted on Tue June 5, 2018.

It’s nearly time for the Silver Mountain Music Festival again and with so many new experiences, hiking and MTB in Grootvadersbosch added to the itinerary this year we are so excited to be part of the festival once more. The Silver Mountain Music Festival is a celebration of music, nature and country living in the Grootvadersbosch Valley and Overberg District all to the benefit of the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy (read more about the GVB Conservancy‘s cause here). The festival kicks off on the evening of 14 June 2018 and consists of various classic, jazz and instrumental music performances at an interesting array of venues throughout the Grootvadersbosch Valley.

On the evening of 15 June we play host to the wonderful Charl Du Plessis Trio‘s performance. The versatile and highly regarded trio will be treating attendees to a range of Baroque, swing and classical music. Tickets are available online at Quicket as well as at the door. Come join us for a great show and mingle over a complimentary glass of flagship Sijnn Red.

The festival extends throughout the weekend though and festival goers can join in wonderful activities such as a dairy tour and milk tasting, bird watching and various hikes through different parts of the Grootvadersbosch Forests.  The Grootvadersbosch Conservancy recently added a variety of new hiking and MTB trails in the Grootvadersbosch Valley. So it’s a great excuse for hiking and MTB enthusiasts (amateurs and pros) to try out these new trails for hiking and MTB in Grootvadersbosch.  It is an absolutely beautiful and unique area with vast indigenous flora.  The hiking and MTB Grootvadersbosch trails all start at the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy office just outside Suurbraak.  For more information on the Grootvadersbosch hiking and MTB trails visit their website, here.