Diary of a Grand Dame - Page 4

The Hidden Letters in Swellendam South Africa

Posted on Tue October 1, 2013.

This is a very special romantic story and one I’m so happy to share.

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Lizelle & Kevin’s Country Wedding… in the rain, in Swellendam

Posted on Fri February 1, 2013.

This post is going to look the prettiest yet! Firstly, because our Bruce ‘Flyinghorse’ Geils takes the most spectacular pictures, but also because I’ve finally worked out how to get the pictures the same size within this new ‘blog’ thing. Slowly, but surely, we get the hang of this… I always seem to start an entry with an apology. I seem to do the same with our newsletters! Honestly though, time runs away far too fast and there is so much to say and so many lovely guests to take care of, so once again, apologies for the delay in telling you all about this very special rainy October country wedding…

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