Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

Swellendam Wedding

Swellendam Wedding

It was a Saturday morning on a beautiful, sunny but slightly chilly winter’s day in early August and a perfect day for the Swellendam wedding of Ounooi and Jacques. Although it was a small, intimate event with only their closest friends and family, there was an abundance of delight and joy in the air!  We love intimate weddings, each bride becomes a life long friend as we travel their wedding journey with them.  We are always so honoured to be able to share in their wonderful day of love and happiness.

They held their ceremony on the front steps of the grand old house and guests congregated around our tinkling fountain.  Followed by champagne and delicious canapes, a wedding gift from our favourite patiesserie Tredici, on the porch.

We don’t usually offer lunch in The Conservatory, but we made a special exception for Ounooi and Jacques as their wedding was during our quieter period.  We did ...

Country Wedding in Swellendam

Country Weddings in Swellendam

We love country weddings, especially ones in Swellendam.  Country weddings are like small private festivals.  Families and friends come from far and wide to spend, not just a few hours, but a whole weekend celebrating beauty, togetherness and the future.  Making for a wonderful sense of community and reunion as loved ones create a warm circle of happiness around the bride and groom.

Unlike a city wedding, guests are able to escape their own lives and re-connect, both with themselves and their ‘people’.  At Schoone Oordt, wedding parties can spend time before and after the ceremony exploring Swellendam’s restaurants and coffee shops, unwinding on the river – or treating themselves to a pamper at the Rain Forest Spa.

Schoone Oordt, for over a century, has been backdrop to numerous romantic and love-filled events and we feel that we are continuing this legacy by co-creating magical moments with our brides and grooms.  As hosts, ...

Swellicious Swellendam Winters0

Posted 27 August, 2015

Swellendam Winters

Swellendam Winters

Now that we’re well on our way to Spring and Summer, which have their own treasures, of course, we’ve realised that we’re a little different to others when it comes to Swellendam Winters.  Towards the end of Summer, we sit and wait, patiently eyeing the chunky woollen jerseys at the back our closet, poised for the onset of our favourite season. You see, winter is the best, ‘seasonists’, it really is. It’s about regrouping, about resting and rejuvenating.  It’s about crunching red leaves underfoot, snuggling under blankets next to a crackling log fire, reading books that were collecting dust on your shelves all summer and clutching hot cups of tea. It’s when you get to wear your chunky woollen socks; eat comfort food (in silent agreement with your body that ‘everyone needs a few extra kilos for warmth’ over winter); it’s time to rediscover the childlike wonder of hot chocolate and stare ...

Marloth Nature Reserve, Swellendam, South Africa

Marloth Nature Reserve

In the spirit of beauty, we thought we’d share one of our favourite creative soul’s view of The Marloth Nature Reserve, literally on our doorstep here in Swellendam, South Africa.  Bruce ‘Flyinghorse’ Geils draws much of his creative inspiration from the beauty around us and is so evident in his work…

The Marloth Nature Reserve has the most spectacular walks for both adventurous hikers and afternoon strollers.  A trip up to the Waterfall is a must.  You can reach the Reserve within an easy walk of us at Schoone Oordt, so pack a water bottle and your camera and find peace and tranquility within.

The peaceful reserve, which is 14 123 hectares in size, is managed together with 16 532 hectares of privately owned land.  Marloth Nature Reserve is named after the pioneer botanist who, together with a deputation of Swellendam residents, petitioned the Minister of Lands ...