Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

Grootvadersbosch hiking and MTB

Hiking and MTB in Grootvadersbosch

It’s nearly time for the Silver Mountain Music Festival again and with so many new experiences, hiking and MTB in Grootvadersbosch added to the itinerary this year we are so excited to be part of the festival once more.  The Silver Mountain Music Festival is a celebration of music, nature and country living in the Grootvadersbosch Valley and Overberg District all to the benefit of the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy (read more about the GVB Conservancy‘s cause here).  The festival kicks off on the evening of 14 June 2018 and consists of various classic, jazz and instrumental music performances at an interesting array of venues throughout the Grootvadersbosch Valley.

On the evening of 15 June we play host to the wonderful Charl Du Plessis Trio‘s performance. The versatile and highly regarded trio will be treating attendees to a range of Baroque, swing and classical ...

Winter at Schoone Oordt2

Posted 27 May, 2018

Winter at Schoone Oordt

Winter at Schoone Oordt

Sleeping in, reading in front of the fire, endless cups of coffee, hearty food and great wine are what we’re all about during winter at Schoone Oordt.  With life’s hectic pace these days we could all do with some more downtime and the cooler weather is the perfect excuse to take a break, stay in and really rest.

As if you need more reason to visit us in Swellendam this winter we’re also offering a special discount when you book directly with us during the winter (follow this link to book now).

Cozy up  in front of the fireplace all day in any of our luxury rooms and take some well deserved time for yourself.  Murkier weather doesn’t have to mean staying indoors all day though.  If you’re up for a bit of a damp adventure on rainy days grab an umbrella and stroll down Swellengrebel Street where ...

Coffee in Swellendam2

Posted 26 April, 2018

coffee in swellendam

If you’re looking for great coffee in Swellendam, look no further.  Ikigai Coffee Bar & Deli is the new kid on the block but is fast becoming a firm favourite for both locals and tourists looking for great coffee in Swellendam.

So why are Swellendammers loving Ikigai so much? Well, first things first – the coffee is superb. Ikigai is proudly associated with Origin Coffee so you can be sure the coffee is consistently top notch.  Their menu consists of lovely light meals and sweet treats ranging from familiar favourites to fresh and original options.  Apart from superb coffee and fabulous food Ikigai is immensely well curated and is a breath of fresh air with its trendy and modern look.  The shop holds beautiful gifts and decor sourced from talented South African crafters.

Behind the (very successful) scenes of Ikigai is the founding ...

Artists in Swellendam

Artists in Swellendam

We’re continuing our quest to unveil some more of the talented artists in Swellendam.  This time we shed light on Alida diTekenar.  Directly translated, diTekenar  means ‘The Drawer’ but really Alida diTekenar is a multi-talented illustrator, painter and creative.

Having always loved drawing (she even recalls drawing in her mother’s hymn book), Alida yearned to pursue a career in animation. She had to opt for a graphic design course after school instead though, seeing as there were no animation schools or courses in South Africa in 1997.  Luckily after successfully completing her first year of study in graphic design, an animation course was introduced at the City Varsity Film School.  Alida applied and of course, was accepted, making her one of the first fifteen students to enrol in an animation course in South Africa.

After completing her studies she headed to Swellendam, where her parents had settled after she finished school.  Alida ...