Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

antique letters in couch Swellendam South Africa

Swellendam South Africa

This is a very special romantic story and one I’m so happy to share.

Even before we’d discovered Swellendam South Africa, Richard found this old couch on one of his antique store trawls in 2002. He bought it. It sat in a pile of building rubble for the many years that we’ve been restoring and building our Schoone Oordt country hotel. This past winter, whilst breathing new life into the rooms, kitchen and garden, Richard also found the time to ‘potter’ on restoring the couch in his workshop.

This is what it looked like lying outside Schoone Oordt and pre-restoration:The restoration project of this beautiful old piece of furniture is perhaps a story enough, but what makes this truly memorable, is that two old letters dating back to World War Two were found hidden down the side. Obviously stuck there in anger or pain and forgotten. They conjure a story of ...

Swellendam House Concert at Schoone Oordt Country Hotel

We are SO excited about the inaugural Swellendam house concert for the well-deserving Swellendam Bursary Fund…  The Swellendam Bursary Fund identifies high skilled learners in the Greater Swellendam area and enables them to continue with specialist studies in the fields of their choice.  It has been in existence for 8 years and continues to support and encourage young people to reach their full potential.  The fund relies solely on donations and fundraising and we’d love for you to join us in supporting this truly worthy charity.

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with Baroque 2013 at Schoone Oordt Country House on the 1st September at 17:30.  Only 60 seats available and selling out fast!

Of course, the concert wouldn’t be without the passion of the co-ordinater, Judi Rebstein and the generosity of the musicians, Carin van Heerden, Marion Truepel, Lyndon Watts and Olga Watts.  A big thank you to Augusta, Aan de Oever and de Companjie ...

Weekend with musicians at our Swellendam Country Hotel

Swellendam Country Hotel

Kom geniet ‘n heerlike naweek saam met twee van Afrikaans se LEGENDES – Gian Groen en Anton Goosen.  Twee nagte vir twee persone in ‘n luukse kamer, insluitende ontbyt natuurlik, en aandete met die vertoning by Die Vagebond Saterdagaand, die 10de Augustus vir slegs R2750.00. Genuttig ontbyt Sondagoggend, die 11de Augustus saam met die kunstenaars.  Doen gerus navraag oor tariewe vir die familie kothuis of wittebrood suite.  Kom kuier saam met ons.

Anton Goosen and Gian Groen in Swellendam for the Bee Festival

Anton Goosen and Gian Groen in Swellendam for the Bee Festival

Schoone Oordt Country House is ‘n intieme hotel in Swellendam, waarskynlik die beste van Swellendam akkommodasie, met 10 luukse kamers gesetel in welige tuine, ‘n intieme Konservatorium restaurant, ‘n sprankelende soutwater swembad en ‘n passie vir mense, familie, kos,  wyn en die omgewing.  Hier ...

Flyinghorse Photography

Swellendam South Africa

@flyinghorsephoto has been posting the most INCREDIBLE photos of our BEAUTIFUL Swellendam South Africa, so we asked if we could share them.  Bruce Geils from Flyinghorse Photography is responsible for most of the stunning photography on our website too as well as the design thereof, so he’s close to our hearts.  This is what our area looks like.  If you love nature, family time or good-friends-that-could-be-family time, food for the soul, food for the body or perhaps just losing yourself for a while…  Then come and stay.  There’s an amazing amount of accommodation in Swellendam, from budget to luxury, but of course, we’d LOVE you to stay with us.

If you happen to be driving through or stopping over, go and visit Bruce in his Flyinghorse Gallery.  It’s worth it.

We do hope to see you soon.