Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

girls weekend swellendam

Swellendam Girls Weekend

We’re so excited to share guest blogger Thaya Beford‘s awesome article on her wild and wonderful Swellendam girls weekend getaway at Schoone Oordt. It was such a joy having you with us, thank you for sharing this sensational article with us!

“Yoga, massages and five star lodgings?”

“Hikes, delicious food and wine?”

“Whisky, horse-riding and cowgirl parties?”

“Incredibly, I know such a place,” said I.

This is what happens when you’re planning a weekend getaway with your girl squad and you all want different things from your weekend escape.  I’m a road trip junkie and often head into the great wide open on my own – but arranging weekend getaways is another beast entirely.

Googling several getaways, there were always a few drawbacks, both for a wild woman getaway (the new romantic getaway, as Lauren calls it) – and one involving kiddos.  My mind fell on Schoone Oordt and Swellendam ...

Swellendam Family Accommodation

Swellendam Family Accommodation

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our new Family Suite, our new Swellendam family accommodation (which in true Schoone Oordt style was meant to be open in May, but finally opened in July!)  We’ve taken what was planned to be a small conference venue, but instead was an empty shell used to hang dry linen, and turned the space into a beautiful, sunny and spacious family room.

As usual, Richard took on the renovation himself, together with our resident handymen/gardeners/car washers, Cuthbert and Charlie. From tiling, sanding of doors and ceilings and even building custom bunk beds for the new suite’s children’s room – Richard and his team did it all.


Of course no Schoone Oordt renovation or construction would be complete without its perils.  Richard very nearly ran out of time and was busy with the last of the finishing touches on the first day that ...

Breakfast in Swellendam0

Posted 26 July, 2017

breakfast in swellendam

breakfast in swellendam

If there’s one breakfast in Swellendam you need to have its Schoone Oordt’s full course breakfast.  It’s “the perfect three course start to your day” and has been called “the highlight of the stay”, “memorable”, “hard to beat” and “a real treat” by our guests.  Although there is something new on the breakfast menu every morning we like to deck out our buffet with a few regulars like fruits, breads and cereals.

Of these breakfast buffet regulars our favourite has to be our homemade granola – a recipe developed by our very own Alison herself. In early days at Schoone Oordt  Alison used to take charge of preparing breakfast.

Although we now have Chef Obie at the head of things in the kitchen we still use Alison’s fabulous granola recipe.

Because we know so many of our guests and readers are on-the-go and sometimes too busy to even grab ...

silver mountain music festival swellendam

silver mountain music festival swellendam

The Silver Mountain Music Festival took place over the June long weekend and kicked off its second annual festival with an elegant stroke in Swellendam on the evening of 15 June at Schoone Oordt.

Still in its baby shoes the Silver Mountain Music Festival celebrates music and nature to the benefit of the community and conservation projects of the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy. The Grootvadersbosch Valley is a spectacularly scenic valley situated at the foot of the Langeberg Mountain between Suurbraak and Heidelberg and is known for its indigenous vegetation of Fynbos and Renosterveld amongst others – both endangered vegetation in South Africa. The aim of the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy is the protection of the indigenous ecosystems of the Grootvadersbosch Valley. Their conservancy projects include alien clearing, fire management, trail building and environmental education to name a few. This non-profit conservancy consists of 35000 hectares of ...

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