Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

Willem Linda

Two brilliant Netherlanders, Willem & Linda called us en route to Cape Town to see if we had place for them that night. We did, obviously and it was such a pleasure having them to stay They arrived on one of those 35 to 40 degree days and spent the rest of the afternoon roasting themselves by the pool. They promised us they had covered themselves in sunblock and we made sure they had plenty of water and a beer or two

They had a wonderful time and wrote the most beautiful message in our guestbook: Heel hartelijk bedankt voor jullie gastrvrijheid en heerlijk onderkomen. Wat een paradijsje Bedankt voor het goede advies te gaan eten by de italiaan. Dat was ook heerlijk. Van alle lodges die we tot nu toe hebben gehad hebben we het gevoel bij jullie het meest tot rust te komen en we voelen ons erg op ons gemak. Roy, thanks ...

A beautifully nostalgic reunion...

Schoone Oordt was the setting for a nostalgic reunion in January 2008. Santa Hofmeyr-Joubert, who spent many happy years living in this house from the early 1970s, booked a few of our suites for a weekend to attend one of her grandsons’ wedding.

They reminisced as they enjoyed breakfast in “their old dining room” and the weekend was filled with laughter and stories of “die goeie ou dae” (the good old days).

Santa : “Dis eintlik ‘n huis wat uitroep op mense – baie mense hier om te eet en to woon. En te kuier. Op sy tyd was die huis bekend as die vrolikste kuier plek op die dorp, en die oumense het kon getuig van die danse en opskop wat daar gehou is..” (“This is a house that calls out to people – many people to eat here and live here. And visit here. In its day the house was known as the ...


I’ve been meaning to upload these images for a while. Isi & Verron looked so cool in their gowns and slippers relaxing on their patio with a late afternoon coffee that I had to take a pic. They spent the night with us on the 9th Feb and had this to say about Schoone Oordt…

Thank you all for your gracious hospitality & generosity at your beautiful guesthouse. Was most memorable. The suite was exquisitely appointed and very comfortable. The setting is conducive to a wonderful retreat, set in a grove of trees and beautiful gardens. Thank you. We will be back!

We have been so lucky with really fantastic guests coming to visit. It’s always a bit sad to see them go!


A quirky painting of our family0

Posted 28 February, 2008

A quirky painting of our family | Schoone Oordt Country House

There has been a very bare wall in the foyer/reception area for the longest time and we’ve often spoken about putting a beautiful painting of the house onto it. A few months ago, whilst browsing at the local Swellendam market, I came across a very cool artist – Alida, diTekenar, which translated means ‘The Drawer’ and commissioned her to do a painting of our house with us in it. This sort of morphed into including the staff, the children, close family and the resident pets! I’m really happy with it. It livens up the room and creates a definite talking point!

I’ve also included a photo that was taken by Jules Morgan in June of last year showing all of us on the steps of the house, so you can see what we really look like. Unfortunately, that pic doesn’t include Ashe as he’s still in my tummy!

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