Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

The cycle of life…0

Posted 23 July, 2009

It has taken such a long time to put fresh news up on our diary page, I’m so sorry, but it’s been a very busy period filled with both exciting and sad happenings…

The most exciting and beautiful, of course, is the birth of our daughter. She was born on the 26th June after making us wait 8 days and a surprisingly long labour! Punctuality is probably not going to be one of her strong points – I feel sorry for future boyfriends. Although, according to her dad, she’s not allowed any of those until she’s 30! We have been closed for a bit to prepare for the birth and spend bonding time with baby afterwards, but in true Richard-style, we have also been building and have managed to fit the last two rooms, construct the double garage, what is going to be a small conference venue and 3 new bedrooms inside the main house ...

Jonty & Ashleighs Wedding0

Posted 30 March, 2009

I’m so excited We received a cd of digital images from Jonty and Ashleigh wedding yesterday and I couldnt wait to open the parcel. Wade Howard flew in from Natal especially for the occasion and his pictures are stunning. Im sorry that I cant put them all up Check out his web-site on

Jonty and Ashleigh contacted me what seems like years ago from Australia. Theyd seen our web-site and were sold. Jonty even mentioned on the evening that our venue was the only one theyd actually visited in person. I didnt hear from them in ages as they were relocating back to South Africa and theyre both pediatricians with the Childrens Red Cross Hospital, so hardly surprising. When they finally managed to come up and do a recce of the venue we had the most amazing time together and I can now very proudly call them my friends.

The wedding itself ...

Guests that only eat toast…0

Posted 5 February, 2009

Ad and Lynn were very kindly referred to us by Jonine from Mardouw a beautiful country house about 20mins out of Swellendam. They were unfortunately (though fortunately for us) fully-booked so Ad and Lynn came to stay with us for 2 nights.

We had to pressure them a little to have Roys famous fluffy salmon omelettes for breakfast as they quite strongly stipulated that they only eat toast. Well the second morning we had piles of various flavours of toast ready and waiting…and Ad very sheepishly asked for a second famous fluffy salmon omelette…Roy dashed into the kitchen to prepare one immediately and with aplomb. Ad used the rest of the chives to create the thank you that you see in the picture after hed virtually licked his plate clean of course.

We had such a good laugh with them lovely lovely people and hope to see them again soon They had this to say ...

Christmas at Schoone Oordt0

Posted 9 January, 2009

We have had a wonderfully busy Festive Season at Schoone Oordt this year with both family and guests. The children were spoilt absolutely rotten (as usual) we ate lots of lovely food (as usual) and entertained lovely guests and even the weather played along with some lovely hot sunny days.

The fun pictures on the right are Roy designing and implementing the Christmas Tree (his job every year and he spends all year planning it) and the funny funky Christmas Duck our table centrepiece.

You might also have noticed that weve added the Guestbook comments to our web-site now as a bit of additional bragging! As Im sure Ive said before, many times, we seem to attract the most amazing guests and they really do have wonderful things to say.

Without sounding too cheesy and cliched… Heres to a really good 2009 filled with true love, belly-aching laughter and genuine happiness…