Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

Sonja & Heinrichs Winter Wedding0

Posted 7 October, 2008

Sonja & Heinrichs Winter Wedding

On the 16th August, on what turned out to be a gorgeously sunny Sunday, Heinrich and Sonja tied the knot at Schoone Oordt. I honestly believe that hosting such happiness feeds this old house’s soul, never mind the old souls that live here!

We set up one long table in the conservatory for 36 adults and 8 children for lunch and Roy conjured up the most delicious Mediterranean Peasant-style menu… Fresh tomato & basil, Roy-made olive tapenade and mozzarella & anchovy bruschette serve with bubbles after the ceremony… Starters of spicy tomato soup topped with fresh cream & chives served with chorizo frittata.. Then buffet of Mediterranean-style lamb, fresh herbed roasted chicken pieces, chargrilled aubergine salad, tuscan bean salad, pine-nut, parsley & celery stuffed and oven-roasted red peppers and mint & roasted almond couscous…

Then to end it, delicious chocolate mud cake from the Old Gaol Coffee Shop up the road and Malva Pudding with ...

Wedding Concepts Weekend0

Posted 3 September, 2008

Wedding Concepts Weekend

Quite shortly after Aleit and Karla came to stay, Christina and Richard from Wedding Concepts came up for a weekend.

I’d met Christina a few years back when she’d co-ordinated a very good friend of mine’s wedding, so it was a bit of a reunion. She did such an amazing job on Erlank & Gaiti’s very special day that she really impressed me. So it was with a bit of trepidation that we showed off Schoone Oordt. Would we meet her exacting standards? We needn’t have worried, Christina and Richard loved it! Richard promised to e-mail a recommendation to Mr&Mrs Smith – a very exclusive web-site, which we’re extremely excited about and they had this to say in the visitor’s book…

‘Dear Alison & Richard (Roy was away in Durban that weekend!) Thank you so much for being treated like royalty in your amazing guesthouse. We’ll drive back to Cape Town and ...

Catching up on Schoone news0

Posted 20 August, 2008

Madri, Ali and Aleit

I am terribly behind on my diary pages and such a lot has been happening at Schoone Oordt lately – very exciting things, but I must begin at the beginning!

We had the most amazing kuier (visit) weekend with Aleit and Karla a little while ago. They are two of the very best wedding co-ordinators in Cape Town and they came to suss out our venue, have a look at the conservatory and let us know if they thought we could have beautiful weddings here. We ate delicious food, drank a little too much red wine and laughed… a lot! Of course, they thought our venue was gorgeous and perfect for an intimate wedding and we really do hope to work with them soon.

What stunning people and such talent. If I was planning a wedding (although renewal of vows is probably more on the cards for me), I would be calling them in a ...

The Conservatory…0

Posted 7 June, 2008

Conservatory broekie lace

I wanted to take a picture of Richard straddling the roof attaching the broekie lace (filigree), but I just missed him. So, took pictures of the completed project instead. The conservatory is looking so stunning!

The last time he was up that high, he was working inside the conservatory, screwing planks or wood or something and the ladder slipped! Was pretty frightening as he fell with a drill in his hand. Luckily, he cracked a bone in his foot and had a few bruises, but nothing more. Richard has done so much of the work on this property himself that his poor hands tell the story. I’m so proud of him, he’s acheived real beauty.

The conservatory is a really special room – it is so light and airy in comparison to the dark wood of the house. We love it! With the fire going, I think it’s where we’re going to spend winter.

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