Diary of a Grand Dame

Diary of a Grand Dame

Tribute to dearest Oscar0

Posted 11 October, 2011

Last week we said goodbye to our beautiful Oscar. Those of you that met him will remember him for his quiet ownership of the foyer couch (and the property), his chin on your knee and his loving smile when you walked in the door. He was diagnosed with a tumour in his lungs earlier this year and we tried to keep him comfortable for as long as possible. Last week he found a tree in our garden in Grabouw, lay down and passed away quietly.

RIP dear boy. We miss you.

We have had the most beautiful ‘crop’ of lemons this year, even some very very strangely shaped ones with tons of juice. This is our wonderful gardener, Cuthbert, holding a massive bowl of them.

I am VERY fond of good lemon curd – have been known to eat a jar in one sitting, so Wander made some. This is his recipe (and he even managed to keep some aside for our guests!)

Schoone Oordt Lemon Curd

Ingredients 310 g Butter 270 g Sugar 280 ml Lemon Juice 250 g Egg yolks (15 egg yolks)

Method Add the sugar, lemon juice and the butter together in a pot and bring to a boil. Whisk the yolks together until smooth. (About 2 minutes) Temper the egg mixture until it has reached the same temperature as the lemon juice mix. This is done by adding some of the hot lemon juice into the egg mixture whilst whisking. Then ...

Today I have a story to tell…

Back when we first moved to Swellendam, we met a quirky, creative, talented designer called Bruce Geils who had also just moved to Swellendam from Cape Town. So, when we started marketing Schoone Oordt, in keeping with our ethos of supporting local, we asked him to design the web-site. We battled to find a photographer that we liked (and could afford) until Bruce suggested that he use our camera and take them himself. We’d been lent a very smart Canon by Richard’s dad because he couldn’t figure out how to work it! So, we gave it a bash.

This started Bruce’s photography journey. He borrowed our camera for a while, then Bev Missing’s from ‘Rain’, then managed with the help of HIS dad, to purchase his own. He’s been taking wedding pictures, packaging pictures, a lot of my children’s birthday pictures as well as lots of Schoone Oordt ...

Going Gourmet with Schoone Oordt0

Posted 26 September, 2011

Such great news, I am so excited…

The wonderful Wander and Sonette Bester, along with Hachi, Shadow and Leo have joined our Schoone Oordt team from an exclusive Game Reserve in the Northern Cape. Wander is our chef and Sonette a wine enthusiast and they’re both amazingly good at caring for people and the property. We’re so grateful to have them and Schoone Oordt is a better place for it. With that comes the preparation for our new restaurant and eventually, High Teas. At the moment, Wander is offering a ‘voorsmakie’ at his Chef’s Table from now until January when we plan to open to the public. We’ll keep it small and intimate, a maximum of 20 diners and guests always come first. Our concept is a beautiful selection of dishes which can be made into 3-course, 4-course, 5-course or 6-course tasting menus. Chef Wander will also offer an 8-course ‘Chef’s Choice’ dinner in our ...